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Garden Landscaping - Compare Costs

Last updated: April 18th 2017 Compare garden landscaping prices with our service

Beautify your property with services provided by the garden landscaping companies in our network of professionals. They can evaluate your property and your budget to design a landscaping scheme that is ideal for both. The garden landscapers in our network can also inspect your current landscape design and make changes that will enhance your property with your favourite flowers and plants, all at a price you can afford.

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 garden landscaping companies

The garden landscaping companies in our network can handle a multitude of projects. They can devise basic planting schemes that consist of native flowers and plants that come back every year or they can handle more elaborate landscaping designs that require extra maintenance. The landscapers are able to create mood settings such as an outdoor space that is ideal for yoga or meditation or they can create a landscaping plan that controls water flow through the yard during rainy weather. Virtually any kind of unique garden creation is possible through the efforts of the gifted landscapers in our network.

The Benefits of Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping can do much more than simply improve the aesthetic appeal of your home's exterior. When done properly by a seasoned professional, it can extend your livable space into the outdoors. For example, it's possible to build an outdoor sitting room that is surrounded by gorgeous flowers, and you can even create an outdoor kitchen with all the ingredients growing just feet away. The possibilities are truly endless, so no matter what kind of vision you have in mind, garden landscaping professionals can help bring them to life.

benefits of  garden landscaping

Garden Landscaping vs. Garden Design

While garden landscapers and garden designers do perform many of the same tasks, there are some differences that you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure you hire the right professional for the job. A garden designer is someone who works from the ground up to help you decide how and where to place things ranging from plants to walkways to patios. A garden landscaper, on the other hand, is someone who brings that vision to life. Essentially, it’s the landscaper who does all the heavy-duty work and creates the landscape the designer planned.

 garden landscaping costs

Garden Landscaping Costs

Prices can vary greatly depending on the intricacy of the design the property owner desires. The number and type of plants that are selected will drive the price along with the level of work that is required to implement your specific landscaping design. The best thing about garden landscaping is that plans can be created to suit just about any budget. You can let your expert landscaper know how much you are prepared to spend on a garden landscaping project and a garden can be designed to suit your tastes, your particular property features and your budget.

When to Hire a Garden Landscaper

There are several situations in which it may be beneficial to you to hire a landscaper. For example, if you want to build a new pathway from your home to your garden area, they are the perfect choice. You may also choose a landscape gardening service to help you create raised beds that will deter local wildlife from making a home in your garden, or be more accessible for gardeners with physical disabilities. You might also choose to hire one if you find that your garden stays saturated after a heavy rainfall, and they in turn can suggest a better draining garden layout. Essentially, if you need your visions or designs turned into reality, then its time to hire a professional landscape gardener.

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Your Garden Landscaping Questions Answered

Your chosen professional will have a good idea of what will grow well in your area, as well as the soil quality and the availability of water. There's no point in trying to plant in nutrient-depleted soil, and nothing will survive for long without water.

Most landscapers will charge an hourly fee depending on the job that is being done. Basic garden work may cost you the minimum wage per hour, where professional planting and garden creation will cost closer to £20 per hour.

This will depend on individual landscaper. Some companies will offer grass installation as well as landscaping, while others will prefer to cater to the more colourful and aesthetic aspects of landscaping.

Yes, but it will require a lot of hard work and your garden may not end up looking as good as it would otherwise. It will also take longer to complete the project, especially if you're the only one working on it.

You could plant a privacy hedge using evergreens such as holly, cypress, spruce, or cedar. If you have a limited amount of space for a privacy hedge, you may want to consider bamboo instead.

To an extent, yes. Remember, though, that most traditional landscapers are more focused on the aestheticism of your home exterior and not the function or comfort of your garden area. You can think of garden landscaping as a sort of sub-specialty.

If you have a vision for your garden area, it’s helpful to draw it out or use one of several online tools to create a rendering of your vision. This way, the landscaper can review your ideas and provide advice. This will also help ensure that your garden turns out perfectly.

Absolutely! In fact, hiring a garden landscaper to help transform a very small plot is incredibly beneficial. These individuals can help you make the most of what little space you have and make your designs come to life.

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Sample Requests For Expert Garden Landscaping Services

21 Sep Lawn Ideas

Landscaping ideas wanted for our garden which is predominantly laid to lawn. We'd like ideas for flower beds, patio and decking areas plus other professional design ideas.

21 Sep 1/2 Acre Project

Our gardener has recently retired, and we would like to have our property redone with some new garden landscaping. Our home sits on about 1/2 acre which needs landscaping. Please offer your best quote for these services.

21 Sep Native Planting

We are interested in garden landscaping services that feature primarily plants and flowers that are native to our area. Please offer your best quote.

20 Sep Design Help

We need a professional landscaper to help us re-arrange our garden. We have a design in mind but need help in executing it. Please advise on how much this will cost so we can compare free quotes and get started!


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