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Making The Most of Your Garden All Year Round

Last updated: April 10th 2017 Maintaining a garden, a landscape or even a yard can be hard work that requires effort all year long without proper planning.

Some of the work is easy enough and it may be apparent that it needs to be done. Once those leaves fall, you know you need to clean them up for your grass and other plants to flourish. Other jobs might not be quite so apparent, and we are going to look at landscaping and gardening jobs that can be done all year to ensure that your property really shines.

No matter what month or season it is, there is gardening work to do!

enjoy your garden all year
garden maintenance in Winter

December to February

Any snowfall or frost may have damaged some of the trees in your garden, and they might be rotting from the excessive moisture and cold temperatures. This is the time of year where dead limbs are most likely to fall in the garden or, worse yet, on your house. You’ll want to get rid of any dead or decaying limbs and trees before they cause damage to your home or endanger you and your family.

Tree surgeons can not only cut away the branches and trees that are likely to give you trouble, but they are also able to determine which need to be cut and which ones are safe to keep around. It’s best to hire the experts for this type of job, as you don’t want to end up cutting out trees and limbs that have more life in them. At the same time, you don’t want to risk missing a dangerous limb. The experts can ensure that all the hazardous branches are removed, and they are going to leave you with a safer place and one that doesn’t require as much clean-up during the Winter months.

March to April

It may not be officially Spring yet, but your green thumb is aching and you want to get some plants out in the garden. However, you might not have considered how you should best protect your plants. After all, these pre-Spring weeks are likely to come with some frost on the ground, and that can be deadly for new plants. You want to protect those plants by covering them up with some cloth, buckets or other coverings. Make sure these coverings have no holes in them and won’t let moisture through. You only need to leave the plants covered overnight, when the worst frost attacks. Of course, if the weather becomes inclement, you may need to keep them on all day.

Spring gardening work

You may also consider bringing the plants inside. Not every plant is going to be hardy enough to withstand a tough Winter, and if you want to protect your investment, you’ll find a way to give them the protection they need. Keep in mind that certain types of plans cannot thrive in colder environments and you want to choose plants that are designed for where you live.

Summer garden maintenance work

May to August

During the early Spring and Summer months, keeping your lawn trimmed is not only essential to keeping up appearances but it is also the most difficult time of year to keep it cut, since that’s when grass grows the fastest. Depending on the size of your lawn and how trim you like to keep it, you may want to employ some professionals to help you out. Not everyone has time to not only cut the grass but do a good job of it. Even keeping up the lawnmower so that it works whenever you are ready to use it is no easy task.

For most people, it’s simple to call in a lawn mowing service to trim the lawn and not have to worry about all the details. If you have never had your lawn professionally mowed, you might be surprised at how beneficial it can be. The professional look and the load it takes off your shoulders may be enough to convince you to put down your lawnmower for good.

You should also make sure your garden is maintained during this time of year. This is a crucial point in the garden and crop cycle, as that’s when plants are tender and staring to poke out of the ground. If they are not cared for at this time, the fruits and vegetables won’t make it to harvest time and the flowers and other plants won’t last as long throughout the year as they should.

Once again, it may benefit you to hire professionals to care for the plants in your garden. They can ensure that environmentally friendly pesticides are used to keep away harmful insects. They can also ensure that all weeds are removed, that the ground has enough minerals for the plants to thrive on and that the plants do not suffer from the elements.

September to November

The Autumn months are when you reap the rewards of all the hard work you put in throughout the year. The garden is flourishing, the fruits and veggies are doing well and your lawn doesn’t take quite as much work to maintain. There is still some work to be done to keep everything looking great and thriving, but it’s less than what you had to do during the Summer months. This is an important time of year for your lawn that determines how it is going to look during the Winter months. With the right preparation, you can ensure that your plants do well even when the frost and snow hit, and you can still have a great looking year all year long.

garden work in Autumn

One of the best ways to do that is to add some evergreens to your landscape. These take very little work and look great even when the snow falls. It’s wise to call in landscaping experts to help design your garden’s new look and to add in the evergreens in ways that will be appealing not only during the Winter but during the Autumn months as well, when there is a bit more greenery around.

This is also a good time to have your hedges trimmed and trees pruned. That is going to get rid of some of the excess weight one trees and bushes that can become heavy during snowfall and cause them to break off or die prematurely. The Autumn should be seen a Winter prep time, and if you want your lawn to look spectacular all year long, you will take advantage of this opportunity.

In Conclusion

This is just a small sampling of some of the landscaping and gardening jobs you can have done all year long. While some of these you can do on your own, you must consider how the finished product will look. You also want to consider how you want your projects to affect the value of the property and its appeal in the neighbourhood. Calling in experts to do the work for you can give you a cleaner, more vibrant garden that you can be proud of without having to spend all your time and effort on it.

Before you hire just any company to do the work for you, though, it’s a good idea to get some quotes. That way you can figure out who has the best rates. A free quote is a great way to determine if it is worth it to hire someone or just do the job yourself.